Cartel Equity

Why Invest in Venture Capital?

In the past 30 years, venture capital investing has become a multi-billion dollar industry that is recognized as one of the country’s primary sources of new economic growth. The principal reasons for this dramatic growth have been:

  1. the average rate of return that can be obtained on such investments, which historically has surpassed the average returns of many other investment alternatives;
  2. the ability of the industry to prove that the high risks of loss inherent in investing in new and developing companies can be significantly reduced through investing in a number of companies and through active management, utilizing risk management and investment strategies that have proven successful in the industry.

Once we determine an acquisition to be low-risk, Cartel’s principals personally put up the first twenty percent of all funds needed to acquire the stock position we wish to hold in the acquisition; assist in managing, and, develop proven marketing procedures to achieve the greatest ROI potential our acquisitions strive to attain at their IPO. And we’re proven experts at what we do!

Why Should You Invest With Cartel?

No doubt you’ve said to yourself many times, particularly over the last couple of years, that investment advisors would behave differently if they were using their own money for investment purposes.

Now, starting from today forward, think about this:

At Cartel, we invest your wealth right alongside our own. Unconditionally. Simply put, you become part of the same investment platform that includes our owners and employees. Needless to say, you benefit from the same investment team as we do, and you receive the backing of some very careful thinking, the same sophisticated research and continuous analysis that has the greatest potential to achieve success.

As a privately held company with a background of expertise spanning more than 60 years, we don’t have to cater to the demands of outsiders to sell products or grow revenue. We’re not bankers, brokers, underwriters or commercial lenders. We have no hidden agendas. All we do is invest for wealth. And to that end: while Markets change, how we find VALUE, doesn’t.

Our senior legal and accounting advisors have guided our decisions throughout our existence and our client relationships span generations. Cartel’s investment team’s compensation is not based on assets under management, rather, on meeting the Partnership’s long-term performance objectives: the Partnership’s, exit strategies we seek of our acquisitions: IPO, Merger or Acquisition.

But the most important thing is that at Cartel Equity Fund, LLC, we treat your money with the same care and passion as we treat our own. To use a well-known phrase: "we’ve got our skin in the game!".

If your goals are the same as ours: enhancing private wealth, join us in partnership. Minimum relationship of fifteen (15) shares of $5,000 each: $75,000.

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